About Us


Welcome to the Gospel Best 2016 On-line Singing Contest. Our mission is to provide the opportunity to showcase, promote and encourage Gospel Music Artists as they remind us to celebrate the Gifts of the Gospel.


- Launching Pad For New Talent

- Encouraging Music Talent Development

- Selecting and Voting

- Presentation of Awards and Prizes

This will truly be the premier on-line gospel music contest event of 2016 to recognize and honor our excellent musically gifted community members across America and around the world.

The Gospel-Best 2016 contest will use the latest interactive technology to engage contestants, sponsors and supporters across America and around the world.

The Contestants:

- Contestants are registering now for the first on-line segment of this premiere event.

- Contestants will begin to upload their first musical entries in January 2010.

The Rules:

1. Music Video uploads should not exceed 3 minutes

2. You may submit 1 to 5 music videos

3. You may have an accompaniment for solo artist (background singers are permitted).

4. You may sing your own original material or songs already in public circulation

5. Age group A is from 14 to 17 years of age

6. Age group B is from 18 and over

7. A parent or guardian must register contestants 17 and younger.

The Schedule 2016:

April 30th - Continue Registration and Video uploads

May 30th -Top 20

June 30th -Top 10

July 4th - Top 5

August 4th (Will be rescheduled for January 30, 2016) - The Finale - Awards and Prizes are Presented