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According to reports in Nike Air Max 2013 Womens Shoes the media Nike Air Max 95 Mans shoes that the World Cup games, Portugal and Brazil, the netherlands and nine teams with waste plastic bottles in the environmental protection shirt is made. Shirt sponsors Nike brand President Charlie said, every shirt used to eight renewable plastic materials, the scientific Nike Air Max 95 name for regeneration polyester polyester. Compared with the original polyester production, use waste plastic materials can reduce 30% energy. The program will be made waste, and wash the bottle, and then melt into yarn, and finally into the shirt. This batch of Nike production shirts used plastic bottles, about 13 million heavy 25. 4 million kg. Avoid reusing plastic waste Nike Free Trainer incineration of environmental pollution. This shirt is characteristic of new environmental good permeability, let the players feel more comfortable, dry the body temperature to keep the player in the best condition, in order to develop the highest level on the pitch. This New Jersey's Nike research based on market survey, Nike's researchers found that from 1990 to Italy's World Cup in Germany 2006, nearly half the knockout stages of the game into overtime. More than 90 minutes in a game, the players are shirt performance and orderliness of the key factors. Nike is the international well-known brand, but the sports in football fields. Harvest The world Cup and euro in these two of the most influential international competitions, Nike sponsorship team only Brazil in the 2002 World Cup Cheap Nike Air Max LTD champion, since no trophies at euro 2004. In the south, Nike World Cup trendy, environmental protection concept is expected in the shirt football has a new breakthrough in marketing. We could enjoy best cheap nike max shoes sales online, about all kinds of nike max air, nike max 90, nike men max. Run retailing and wholesale trade worldwidely for years, free shipping, super sale off retailing with 1 week delivery to your door.
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